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Journal Entry: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 2:01 PM
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Pokimono: Kazuko Mori by SnowAngelRika
Pokimono: Kazuko Mori

For :iconpokimono: because I'm a sucker and want to join more active RP groups to roleplay! I hope I did this right >.< Wish me luck~

Name: Mori, Kazuko

Pokemon: Finneon

Age: Nineteen

Village: Gale Spring

Job: Farmer [Daughter]

Ability:  Swift Swim -> When raining, Kazuko’s speed increases


:bulletblue: Rain Dance -> Move causes it to start raining for five turns and activates her ability

:bulletblue: Water Gun -> Inflicts basic damage


:bulletblue: Sachi – The name of her Ponyta

:bulletblue: Water/Rain Storms

:bulletblue: Spending time on the farm

:bulletblue: Having fun/able to be childish without being scolded

:bulletblue: Not being held down by ‘rules’


:bulletblue: Electric Types

:bulletblue: Animal-abusers

:bulletblue: Those who say she should act more lady-like or not be so childish

:bulletblue: “Growing up”


Perhaps it’s because she grew up on the farm as an only child for a while and surrounded by animals but it seems like Kazuko never ‘grew up’ so to speak. She finds silly things funny, such as someone tripping or burping or other embarrassing things to do in public quite amusing. When someone annoys her she tends to squirt out water from her mouth and giggle when they get angry. She always seems to be happy and is a positive person, not letting much take her down. She’s a huge pokemon/animal lover and refuses to listen to anyone that says something negative about them, or about her family. She sometimes can be very headstrong and stubborn and must argue until either the person gives up and just walks away or just says she’s right, to which she’ll shift to be beaming with happiness. At the same time though she takes her appearance very seriously, and tries to be careful whenever she’s out. She’ll always be the first one to start a conversation in hopes to get business for her family, or a new friend or possible new love interest. Being nineteen, she’s trying to find “the right person” to spend the rest of her life with and be even more happy then she already is. However at the same time, being never taught a lot of that side of life by either parent, can appear quite oblivious towards others feelings of attraction as well as her own.

History: Kazuko, so to speak, isn’t actually a farmer nor is she a worker. Her father owns a farm that has been in the Mori family for generations and being the farmer’s daughter, helps out her family with the daily chores such as taking care and feeding the animals, where she spends most of her time. 

Kazuko’s family lived in the territory of what recently became part of Gale Spring for a long time, her great great grandfather moving to an unknown, mostly abandoned territory to start a family and a life and started with a farm, which granted him a healthy and stable life. From then on, the oldest male child took over the farm once the father passed on. The farm soon became the family business, selling meat, eggs and other important products.  Kazuko’s father’s side is a long line of Skiddo’s and Gogoat’s to be strong enough to manage the land when her father fell in love with a beautiful Lumineon  who was a traveling, carefree entertainer. They decided to start a family and Kazuko was the first born child, born a finneon taking on her mother’s species.

Even though Kazuko couldn’t take over the farm when her father passed on, he still decided to teach her everything he knew, especially with the animals which she took a quick liking too. To her, the animals of the farm became her best friends as she grew up and stayed mostly with her family.

When Kazuko turned ten, her mother gave birth to a boy and the obvious successor to the farm so her mother tried to teach her the way of entertainment, dressing her up more and trying to show off the beauty of her daughter. While she did enjoy it, she also missed being with the animals and helping out her father. Despite slight arguments of it being ‘Unladylike’ to be working in the fields and with dirty animals, both parents let her still work for the farm even if it would never be hers.  She was given a newborn ponyta for her birthday to solidify the deal which has now grown into a beautiful horse that she loves more then anything.

Additional Info:

:bulletblue: The bow on her sash is in the shape of Finneon’s tailfins [reference coming soon]

Art, Kazuko (c) Me




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Other nicknames:
Riri - A nickname given to me by Kitsanil for some odd reason, now a lot of people use it, but only if they're friends that I have on Skype ;D
Riks - A nickname given to me by eyooo-xx by a spelling error, now its a nickname XD
Ria - A new nickname given to me by Kitsanil cause now RiRi is popular too xD
Rika - I think you all know why XD
Snow or SnowAngel - For people who are formal around me, they call me Snow or SnowAngel thinking that they have to be formal, but generally either they change to calling me Rika after they got to know me, or I just ask them to call me Rika.

Name: Rika
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