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Some stamps to tell you about me!

sanity. by ryvir Mind Theater Stamp by SpeedyAlchemist Alchemy Stamp by SpeedyAlchemist I AM Nice by MatrissStamps Slendy just needs a hug, right guyz? by annoyedslendermanfan Characters Stamp by ShivaReaver The Weird Stamp by drag0nr1der Roxas by Ellexon Sora by Ellexon Namine by Ellexon Stamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirl Super Smash Bros Brawl Stamp by nakashimariku .Stamp. A Million Stamps by KillMePleaseGod Shun Kazami Stamp by AnimeMeerkat Wat. by Rigune Let me hear you say it by RebiValeska :thumb158649211: My Characters STAMP by NocturnalMelody9 Stupid Stamp by WetWithRain Yes, I do. by SilverTidalWave :thumb156979422: Forgetful by prosaix Vocaloid characters stamp by DS-DNA Project Diva:  Transformation by azianwolfdoll len stamp by Rubiriachan Stamp - Pokemon: NotJustAGame by jennyrogue My Little Pony is Overrated by ssbmelee Johto stamp by Swamperts Hetalia... by TakigiKitsu Stamp - Fav+ by sallychan Pokemon Fan by AssClownFish FAIL As A Girl Stamp by JiiHaku Hogwarts by HisMissDolly Synchronicity stamp by YukoHoon

I'm Forgetful! REMIND ME of things I have to do!

List of roleplaying groups im in

:bulletblue: - Male (4)
:bulletpink: - Female (3)

:bulletblue: Miles Carther Greenstone [Pet: :bulletpink: Kyra]
:bulletpink: Annaliese
:bulletpink: Leslie Isabella Rose
:bulletblue: Hunter Gatto
:bulletblue: Kevin Anderson [Pet: :bulletblue: Chronos]
:bulletblue: Caleb Anderson

:bulletpink: Leila


Anyone know of a Kingdom Hearts roleplay group? 

1 deviant said and if you do comment below? :3

My deviantART story

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 9, 2014, 9:02 AM

My deviantART story


Okay so, I’m not too sure if I can still get the badge?  Meh, either way I wanted to do this, not like anyone reads these things XD

But I’m merging two into one! A lot of people over the past few years have been asking how I got into VOCALOID so I’ll merge the two of them together since there was a lot of overlap XD Honestly if I hadn’t found VOCALOID I probably would be far gone from deviantART already.


Rika’s DeviantART/VOCALOID story


So, :iconsnowangelrika: wasn’t my original account and I think very few of the people who still watch me know this. I used to have an old account but after things that happened in real life, I closed down the account and started up this one, giving me a completely new start. I couldn’t be happier, honestly. 

So unfortunately, I don’t have any drawings to show you from that time period XD But I joined deviantART [in general]  around



In 2009 a new high school friend who had the same English name as I did thought I would enjoy seeing this video, as she noticed I was into anime so when she came over she showed me ‘Love & Joy’ with Hatsune Miku dancing to it – it being an MMD video [Miku Miku Dance for those who don’t know]. I had absolutely no idea who this girl was, I had seen her around because honestly – who hasn’t at least seen a picture of Miku? Especially on the internet XD But either way I thought she was really cute and I thought the dance was adorable. So, when my friend left, I looked up a slowed version and started to learn the dance. That also got me into learning Anime Dances [Damn you girl >.<] she doesn’t have a deviantART so she’ll never read this |D Unfortunately I sort of lost contact with her after Grade 11, but I do have her on facebook.

Welp! Anyway, off to the side I saw a picture of Kagamine Len to a song called ‘REVOLUTION’ and I had just finished Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and so I had started to form this thing for blondes, and I thought he looked kind of cute so – why not? I clicked on it and saw Rin since she starts the song and got a little confused, but kept watching. I fell in love with the translations of Kagamine Len’s lyrics, they were hilarious and after that song, I decided to look them up. 



I have no pictures XD The former best friend where we were basically like sisters dumped me this summer, and I was completely destroyed. I was so determined to leave deviantART because of it and other things, but I ended up making a new account resulting in this present one. As for VOCALOID, I can’t really remember, I think it was just one of those occasional things I looked up, but stuck mostly to popular music and old classics like the ‘80s and stuff xD



A lot happened during 2011 xD I started to get more into roleplay groups since I was only really part of one big one where I met people like RunrunMuffin and Aarri2129  NoreyDragon Finchwing Lionstrikewhiskers and umm… sky-lover10 and some others that I still keep in contact that I just can’t remember the users of anymore XD 

Chibi Gleam, Swift and Acorn by SnowAngelRika 

Unfortunately now I can’t really remember a lot of those groups [I’m very sorry ;A;] but I’m pretty sure it was in 2011 where I meet E-star99 and Lien-chan both of which I’ve met in real life and they are both, so so awesome :heart: 

"Princess?" by SnowAngelRika 

I had joined :iconpokegijinkaacademy: where I first learnt about pokemon Gijinkas, I had never heard of them in my life and I created Miles Greenstone [I recently found the very first drawing I did of him with heavy reference:] and there I met awesome people like :devCaptainJackRiley: and Pangoro-hime and I think those are the only two from that group I am still in contact with. Oh! And MudPuddles though, we don’t really talk anymore Dx


In November of 2011 however, cancer took away my aunt on my father’s side and I was completely destroyed from it. I had lost people in the past [great-aunts and great-uncles] and I had lost pets before. But a fish is just a fish, and I was never close with my greats, plus, I was pretty young when they both died so after the funeral I moved on with my life. I was close with my aunt, and she was young too [mid 50’s if I remember correctly]. I had amazing friends from high school to back me up, but I also at the time still had people attacking me, all the way from that feud that happened last year. However, friends can only distract you for so long and my brother had his video games to distract his mind. That’s when I found, by listening to happy VOCALOID songs, I was able to distract my own mind and what was going on. I went through searching for thousands of songs, by all of the six Cryptons [Len/Rin/Miku/Luka/KAITO/MEIKO] though mostly the first three, which helped me a lot. 


God damn a lot of my art in 2011 had to do with roleplay groups xD In 2011 I decided to try my hand at digital art as well as traditional art, but I didn’t have a tablet, so I used the mouse to create my drawings [they were quite annoying] and I used the standard Paint that computers come with because I’m lame xD


C: Blacksong and Pouncequick by SnowAngelRika and Deck of OC's by SnowAngelRika [Funny, a few of these OC’s are still around] xD 



In March 2012 I joined :iconpokeinstitute: since Miles got too old for PGA and there I met a ton of friends that I still have such as SacredLugia Lockmon sapphiresharky and just – DAYUM THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY, SORRY YOU LOT XDD I’ve course, I’ve seen a lot of members come and go, some I was closer with then others. I also joined :iconeden-de-ys: [Yaoi group, you were warned] where I got closer to people like Crimson-Panthera and met friends like CrackFaery and NotaVerde [Actually that’s a lie I met them in previous groups but – whatever xD] and :devMasterChiefn: and Zanyzarah and like – urgg I cannot put enough people in this journal!! Though a lot of them I don’t talk too as frequently anymore v.v;;

[I basically have two ‘clans’ of friends. Those from yaoi RP groups and those from Pokemon RP groups – there is very little overlap xD] 

Submissive Rikuo by SnowAngelRika PGA: Merry Christmas by SnowAngelRika 

Conner Crescent shined as an OC at the time who I deathly adored [I mean, I still adore him but I haven’t drawn him in over a year]. He was such a great character, far from a gary-stu and seemed so believable that I kind of couldn’t believe I created him, he was the reason I went back and re-worked a lot of OC’s I liked at the time, and helped me make better characters today – because god back then did I ever have mary/gary sues/stues XD 

Siblings of Ventus by SnowAngelRika 

2012 was when I learnt that VOCALOID did live holographic concerts – I was screaming when I learnt about it. Though of course at the time I think only one or two had actually came out? XD At the time, I was stubbornly only listening to the twins, I didn’t really “care” for the others, so I was really mad when Len only had one solo song [present day I understand why they did it xD] 


Seeing the LIVE concerts and what technology could do only made me more interested in VOCALOID and art, and I did more research and got more and more inspired by what was going on behind the scenes and what led Miku to her success. 

Proof of a Soundless Voice by SnowAngelRika 

god damn it this is getting long xD I’ll speed it up 



2013 was a break-through year for me, for various reasons.

    -          I had gotten a tablet so yay :happybounce: I started doing digital art

    -          I stubbornly, despite my entire family saying “NO” decided to take art as a career, and got accepted into art for post-secondary

    -          I had many meltdowns that resulted in a friend informing the principal about what was going on before I completely destroyed myself [I was a little mad at her at first, but now I couldn’t thank her enough. I don’t think I’d be around elsewise]

    -          Seizures at the end of December! :iconotlplz:

    -          I did a lot of pieces I’m still quite proud of to this day

    -          I think I found myself for the most part as a person 

At the end of grade 12, I broke from stress, I broke multiple times. It got so bad where I had to lie to my mother so I wouldn’t go to school, and if I did, I just didn’t show up to class, I couldn’t handle it and there was no one I could actually turn to. I would stress myself out even more when one thing went wrong it was a terrible experience. Even art at the time didn’t help me out, VOCALOID did, it kept bringing me up when I was falling. 


After Anime North, I wish I remembered my friends user, when I posted a journal on deviantART that was basically a “disappearance” she informed the principal and tried to help me out, I was allowed to be excused from classes after that when I couldn’t handle it. The principal at the time informed my mother of what was going on, and she put the entire blame on my anime, saying it was its fault but the councilor there said no. Teenagers look for some way to escape without actually doing it, and I had found mine. That was the time where I think I had found myself, and knew what I wanted to do.


I graduated High School and started to do more VOCALOID fan art because I didn’t really care anymore xD 

Monochrome Blue Sky by SnowAngelRika 

During the summer of 2013 I saw a screening of a LIVE VOCALOID concert which I was so happy to see, AND the first game to ever be released in America [Project Diva F] came out :heart: It was a great month for VOCALOID 

I entered Post-Secondary “Art Fundamentals” where I met awesome people like CuriousDawn and Nobiss and MarieJane67777 and one other girl I cannot remember the user of for the life of me xD this is where my art improved the most, and it’s an obvious improvement 

Teddi Uaithne by SnowAngelRika EVOL-ution by SnowAngelRika 


I don’t have much to say for 2014. I’m less into roleplaying, less afraid to post VOCALOID fan-art, more want to be who I am, not pretend to be someone I’m not. My art is constantly improving, despite the runt I’m in right now. I’ve fallen many times, yet I find VOCALOID always brings me back up. 

At the night of the falling stars by SnowAngelRika White Edge Kagamine Len by SnowAngelRika Bad Boy - Unhappy Refrain by SnowAngelRika EVENT: Turning Shiny by SnowAngelRika 



Do I get my badge now?

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Other nicknames:
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Ria - A new nickname given to me by Kitsanil cause now RiRi is popular too xD
Rika - I think you all know why XD
Snow or SnowAngel - For people who are formal around me, they call me Snow or SnowAngel thinking that they have to be formal, but generally either they change to calling me Rika after they got to know me, or I just ask them to call me Rika.

Name: Rika
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