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:heart: My loves! :heart:

Some stamps to tell you about me!

sanity. by ryvir Mind Theater Stamp by SpeedyAlchemist Alchemy Stamp by SpeedyAlchemist I AM Nice by MatrissStamps Slendy just needs a hug, right guyz? by annoyedslendermanfan Characters Stamp by ShivaReaver The Weird Stamp by drag0nr1der Roxas by Ellexon Sora by Ellexon Namine by Ellexon Stamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirl Super Smash Bros Brawl Stamp by nakashimariku .Stamp. A Million Stamps by KillMePleaseGod :thumb322554629: Let me hear you say it by RebiValeska :thumb158649211: My Characters STAMP by NocturnalMelody9 Stupid Stamp by WetWithRain Yes, I do. by SilverTidalWave :thumb156979422: Forgetful by prosaix Vocaloid characters stamp by DS-DNA Project Diva:  Transformation by azianwolfdoll len stamp by Rubiriachan Stamp - Pokemon: NotJustAGame by jennyrogue My Little Pony is Overrated by ssbmelee Johto stamp by Swamperts Hetalia... by TakigiKitsu Stamp - Fav+ by sallychan Pokemon Fan by AssClownFish FAIL As A Girl Stamp by JiiHaku Hogwarts by HisMissDolly Synchronicity stamp by YukoHoon

I'm Forgetful! REMIND ME of things I have to do!

List of roleplaying groups im in

:bulletblue: - Male (2)
:bulletpink: - Female (1)

:bulletpink: Leila

:bulletblue: Jayden Miller
:bulletblue: Miles Carther Greenstone [NPC/App not made yet]

:bulletblue: Kevin Anderson


Shipping Meme

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 8, 2015, 1:29 PM
Stolen from king-deer

1. How many ships do you currently have?
 (As in how many are currently dating/engaged/married/etc.)
11 but I might've forgot some

2. Can you name all the pairings you have? (give their ship names too if they have one)
Okay let's do this;
:bulletblack: Miles x Flame
:bulletblack: Jonah x Dante
:bulletblack: Archer x Emily
:bulletblack: Kevin x Ella
:bulletblack: Rikuo x Ellyx
:bulletblack: Blueshadow x Huntheart
:bulletblack: Conner x Era
:bulletblack: Hawkflight x Lilacshimmer
:bulletblack: Rainfrost x Gleamfire
:bulletblack: Erika x Dron
:bulletblack: Parker x Cyne

3. Who do you hold these ships with? (Name all the admins)
sapphiresharky Icerosedrag0n :devcaptainjawdaw: Lockmon AshleyKittyy E-star99 Ferry-chan NoreyDragon forktamusPRIME

4. Which pair is the longest relationship?
Jonah x Dante, no questions asked. In real time, they've been a couple for 6 years [jeez I never even realized] and they are actually the cutest <3

5. Which pair is the newest relationship?
Kevin x Ella. Although I don't really RP them anymore they've only been together for a few months, not RP very often though.

6. Which ship is the most romantic?
Most romantic -- Jonah x Dante or Miles x Flame, I think they're pretty much even just in different circumstances.

7. Which ship is the most messed up?
Erika x Dron -- she abuses him xD

8. Which ship is the cutest?
Oh man geez, there are all different kinds of cute within each pairing. Rainfrost and Gleamfire, although cats, were really cute, but so is Rikuo and Ellyx.

9. Which ship is the most developed?
JONAH x DANTE holy crap they've been through everything possible. We've destroyed their lives so much xDD But they're still together.

10. Which ship is closest to marriage? 
Jonah and Dante, Miles and Flame, Rainfrost and Gleamfire and Blueshadow and Huntheart are already married so I don't think they really count. I think the next one could be Conner x Era or Archer x Emily though none really... canon.

11. Do any of the ships currently have children/pregnancy involved?
Sharky and I have already figured out that Miles and Flame will have four kids, but that is in a more future timeline. When Blueshadow became Huntheart's mate, huntheart already had I believe three previous litters? [They're cats] before they had a litter of four together. Rainfrost and Gleamfire also had one litter of three kits.

12. Are any of them planning on having kids/trying to get pregnant? If so which one(s)?
Haven't thought about it D ahaha so nope~

13. Which pair is the most compatible you think?
Every pairing is compatible, there is no pairing where it just doesnt work because then it isn't much fun.

14. Any opposites attract?
.... Erika and Dron are basically like COMPLETELY opposites yet somehow they're together, elsewise I can't think of any other.

15. Do you have a ship you love most? Why?
I really love all of them but when I havent RP a certain pairing for a while then they loose my interest and not too interested.

16. Which ship(s) have been intimate?

Physically/sexually?: Miles/Flame, Jonah/Dante, Rainfrost/Gleamfire, Blueshadow/Huntheart, Rikuo/Ellyx, Paker/Cyne

17. Got any virgin pairs? (Neither of them has had sex yet)
Archer/Emily, Kevin/Ella, Conner/Era

18. Got any secret ships/crack pairs?

19. You wanna tell us?

20. Any admins you wish to ship with?
A lot of people from Biome xD and cobu96 PLEASE

21. Wanna tell us who those admins are?
I just did??

22. Got any favorite ship(s) that are not yours?
FFFF--- ugh, its been so long that I've been involved in ships

23. Got any ships that are not ships yet but are gonna be canon soon or in the future? VwV
Hmm... nope

24. Got any girlxgirl/boyxboy ships?
GirlxGirl no, because Leslie can't seem to end up with anyone xD
BoyxBoy I got: Jonah x Dante, Rikuo x Ellyx and Parker x Cyne
The rest are straight, suprisingly

25. Which ship(s) do you think has the hottest couple?

26. List your ships in order from oldest to newest. ^^
  1. Jonah x Dante
  2. Conner x Era
  3. Blueshadow x Huntheart
  4. Hawkflight x Lilacshimmer
  5. Rainfrost x Gleamfire
  6. Miles x Flame
  7. Rikuo x Ellyx
  8. Archer x Emily
  9. Parker x Cyne
  10. Kevin x Ela

27. Who do you think will make the cutest babies?

28. Who do you think will make the prettiest bride? (Out of the female OCs you own)

29. Who do you think will make the handsomest groom? (Out of the male OCs you own)
Pretty well all of them, Miles and Jonah probably most though

30. Who do you want to get married the most/or who's wedding would you be most excited for?
If Archer and Emily ever got married, I honestly think they'd be the most interesting.

Yay! You completed the questionnaire!
Now tag at least 5 people!!
and meh -- whoever else XD

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  • Reading: Land of Stories
  • Playing: SMITE


Kardia Di Noa: Leila by SnowAngelRika
Kardia Di Noa: Leila

  “S-S-Stop looking at me like that!”

 Name: Leila

 Gender: Female

 Age: Twenty-One

 D.o.B: 04/04

 Origin: Pacific Ocean





Willing to try things



Open-minded (especially to other’s feelings)


Thoughtful towards others



Low self-esteem


A little annoying



Moody (Moods change suddenly)

Easily frustrated

 Likes / Dislikes:  

+ Singing

+ Making friends

+ Learning new songs

+ Exploring

+ Being healthy

- When her self-consciousness gets in the way of her exploring or becoming curious

- People who think singing takes no ‘skill’

- Blaming deaths on her (like the siren’s song)

- Being back stabbed

- Being ill

Leila was born to two fathers. She was the only girl, having a younger brother. Due to this, her brother and both her father’s bonded more than they ever did to her. So, she had to find a hobby she could do herself. With nearby coral, animals and objects she found on the ground, would create her own melodies to sing along too.

The family in general, lived rather independent lives, but was a close nit family. Her fathers were kind to her and tried their very best to make her feel like she didn’t have to act as masculine as they did. Upon coming home, both her father’s would try and present to her gifts of jewelry, bought, made or found.

However, one day, the humans started throwing unhealthy things into the water. Huge gunk of black liquid that was unfamiliar to the family. The waste dirtied the waters enough that got many of the merpeople ill, Leila being one of them as well as her brother. Her parents tried to do everything they could to make them get better, working long extended hours, staying up late to try and figure out the cause and how to cure it.

Unfortunately, Leila’s brother didn’t make it and died shortly after the waters got dirty. While she slept to get better and distressed about her brother’s passing, a warm voice sang to her and a place appeared in her dreams, the same place. One day when waking up, she found a mark on the side of her stomach. Once Leila was better she had made a decision, somewhere that the back of her mind was telling her to go too.  

She explained to her fathers about her strange dreams and they thought maybe she was still ill, as they saw nothing and the mark worried them. But, Leila wanted to try, she wanted answers, and wanting what was best for their remaining child, when Leila was well enough, let her explore the unknown waters, led by some subconciousness.


Nothing yet!

 Additional Info: 

Poor health – from the pollution, Leila can get ill rather quickly and it’s dangerous for her.

The ribbon in her hair is the same colour as her late-brothers tail, reminding her of him

 Rp Methods: [how do you prefer to rp? which style do you prefer? Anything you don't want to rp at all?]

I RP in paragraph/lit style. I don’t mind though when my RP partner does script and I don’t!

RP Chat – I’ll probably be in there when I’m around but if not, summon me!

Skype - Just ask me for it through notes (or in the chat)

Notes - If you can’t do the other two it’d be better. I can do notes but I’m VERY forgetful about them

Appearance: Leila didn’t change all too much from Siren’s Kiss. She has long blue/green hair with a yellow ribbon in her hair. Bits of the ends of her hair curl into ringlets. She has purple ears and very long, pointed elf-like ears. She has a yellow crop top with a blue sea-shell in the centre. She has gold bracelets on each wrist, on her right arm an upper cuff. On her left arm is a ribbon that floats around her arm. She has a seaweed sash and a darker blue tail with yellow flippers. Where her flippers start she has a pearl anklet.

 For :iconkardiadinoa: -- Due to school I don't have the time to do her drawn form. I have less then two weeks left! Once school is done I will upload her drawn form :3

Tohaku: Kevin Anderson by SnowAngelRika
Tohaku: Kevin Anderson
Decided to join another pokemon group with Kevin, because I really do miss him

Name: Kevin Anderson
Nicknames: Kev, Anderson/Mr. Anderson …. That’s it
Species: Yanmega
Age: Twenty-Nine
Birthday: September 30th

Nature: Brave
Characteristic: Competitive

Height: 5’10’’
Weight: 160 lbs

Gender: Male
Sex: Male

Relationship Status: Dating [Character not in Tohaku]
Sexuality: Straight

Job: Military – Mechanic. He specializes in making artificial limbs that people have lost either by an accident, birth defect, or during war.

Level: Thirty-Nine
Ability: Speed Boost – After attacking, the pokemon’s speed gradually increases throughout the battle

Sonic Boom
Ancient Power
Giga Drain [TM]

Out-going – Kevin enjoys a lot of things and doing things, especially when they involve adventures. Sometimes his curiosity gains complete control and this trait may over power the others.
Zones out - There are times where Kevin’s mind will wander off to something else completely different, like a dream world and for a split second forget where he is. Usually he does it when he’s bored or something said puts his mind off thinking.
Stubborn - If he angers someone, he won’t apologize for a long time finding no real need too. He gets stubborn over stupid things.
Talks before thinking - Kevin just shoots out whatever his mind comes to at the first second, and doesn’t really think about the consequences of what he’s thinking.
Adventurous - When given the chance, Kevin will go exploring to learn new things, enjoying the idea of danger however will stop if it involves fighting.
Competitive - When given the chance and a challenge arises, Kevin loves a good challenge and sometimes it can get over his head, wanting to win as much as he possibly can. He isn’t afraid to cheat and loves races more than anything else.
Determined -Wanting to help others, once set on a task he won’t stop until it’s finished. Some tasks take him years to complete, such as his boots but he will never give up.
Flirty – If you happen to catch him in this kind of mood, he’s not afraid to say things to make girls blush and giggle.
Secretive – At the same time though, Kevin won’t tell you much about him. He won’t tell you much about what happened in the army, even if you ask. He tries to look towards the future, not the past.

Kevin was born with his twin brother, Caleb. Kevin the younger twin by about an hour.   Although the brothers were not identical, they were indeed close and shortly after introduced their younger brother and later younger sister into the family, making a family of four kids.
As Kevin grew up and it was time the Yanma should start to learn to fly, he never was able to. Despite trying, the wings on his back were a dead weight. It was like he had no nerves to work the wings. His parents overly worried about him, took him to the doctors to learn about a birth defect that Kevin had received. There were no nerves in his wings; he could not feel them passed what touched his back. Devastated, Kevin was forced to watch as the other fliers were starting to learn how to fly in school and he had to stay at the sidelines.
Kevin hated it.

Therefore in able to escape from the torture of watching those learning to fly, he went onto an online pokemon MMORPG and created a character. He sucked at it. Time and time again kept dying, the words on the black screen saying ‘game over’. However, it was something to keep him entertained when his family went flying and bonded.
Amazed by the kind of fantasy armor, weapons and other things created in online gaming, Kevin decided to try and create his own way of flying, by building, something he was always fascinated in. With online tutorials, research, and blue prints. Kevin made his first pair of boots that used a chemical to help him to fly.

Upon first trial they exploded, sending him to the hospital where the doctors said he was lucky none of the damage made him unable to walk. Worried, especially Caleb they warned Kevin not to do it again.
 Kevin didn’t listen and during the night or when his family was out he would keep on building, this went well into his teen years, the constant building, tinkering, and playing online.
By age sixteen, Kevin had created what he thought could work very well in helping him fly, and created a strong name for himself in the MMORPG world under ‘RacerKev’. He was part of one of the strongest guilds in the online world, thus getting him pretty famous. His guild was him, the leader, and another male and the three would talk online too. They were the closest friends Kevin ever had, despite how they were younger than him and didn’t live near him.

However when Kevin turned nineteen, his older twin brother got a letter that he had to join the army in Sinnoh. Caleb wasn’t very strong, and had a severe allergy to dust, to the point where being locked in an attic could kill him in under half an hour. Not liking the idea of that as Kevin knew the odds of his brother surviving were impossible, he took his place and joined the military. He never had the chance to tell his guild buddies that he would be gone, and maybe would never even come back as he disappeared from the online world.
Kevin was part of the army for the good bulk of five years, rarely coming home except for Christmas but with his family wanting to spend time with him, never got the chance to be online. Being part of the army he saw tons of people die, what fighting really did and it was nothing like the world of MMORPG. He learnt how to survive in any kind of terrain and how to fix his boots to help him fly.

During the army, as more of a defense mechanism then anything else, someone from a higher rank gave him the TM of ‘Giga Drain’ to heal himself back up if things got too dangerous and needed a quick retreat. However, rarely used it unless it was a desperate need too.
At age twenty-four, near his birthday turning twenty-five, Kevin was no longer required to be in the army and went home, trying to settle to have a normal life and he went online to explain himself to his friends and help out with the guild. From a conversation he learnt about a private school that catered to all interests, for any age. After the army, Kevin wanted to do something interesting in his life, not sit around. Wanting to help others with the same problem he had with his wings, he decided to apply and learn more about robotics and mechanics to build artificial limbs.

 Throughout the small amount of years he was at the school, by fluke chance met the two members of his guild, who also attended the school. They definitely were, all different, but were glad that his past online friends were now his real friends too. He also met a girl there, and after finally getting the guts, asked her out to get a fast reply. After a couple of dates, the two became girlfriend and boyfriend and still are to this day.

 Graduating with a degree, by this point in time Kevin had pretty well mastered his boots that had very few flaws other than running out of fuel. When graduating, his parents got a job in a region called ‘Tohaku’ and they all moved there. Hearing they had a military, despite how he didn’t want to in the past, decided to re-join to help those who like him, had a limb defect. He doesn’t fight and mostly stays behind the scenes now to help with fixes and builds, but will fight if the country ever got into deep trouble.

- Kevin’s boots, which emit fire to help him fly run out of fuel. Although they can go for long periods of time (about 3 days constantly) he is never warned when he is running out of fuel, therefore will just collapse randomly to the ground. However whenever he is needed on the front lines, or on the field, will change fuel tanks quickly.

- Kevin’s boots are HEAVY as they are mostly made out of metal, he can run but not for long periods of time. If he needs to get somewhere quickly, he’ll fly

- His eyes are more bug-like then human like. His eyes are red with a black sideways ‘Y’ the centre of the ‘Y’ being thicker than normal. The centre moves, thus to determine where he’s looking.

Medical Notes:
- As stated in the history, Kevin was born with a birth defect where the Yanmega wings on his back, do not work. They are a dead weight and do nothing. He doesn’t get them cut because the nerves where the wings attach to his back do work and it’d be painful. He also feels loosing the wings would make him look less like his species. However, he can sit, bend, and kick his wings all he likes without feeling anything.

-  When his boots exploded on him during his first experiment, Kevin has a lot of scars on his legs, however, they’re almost always covered unless he’s showering or at a pool.

Hope I did this right... it's been a while since I've filled out an application XD
Drawing [Without App]: Kev by SnowAngelRika
Pose referenced from one of my books

So I actually do have a crap ton of drawings, whether they're little doodles on tumblr, or full body uncoloured sketches in my book. Should I upload them? 

4 deviants said Yes! Sometimes just the unfinished sketches are more interesting then the final piece!
2 deviants said You have been pretty dead on dA... :/
No deviants said No! Only upload fully coloured finished works!


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art

Other nicknames:
Riri - A nickname given to me by Kitsanil for some odd reason, now a lot of people use it, but only if they're friends that I have on Skype ;D
Riks - A nickname given to me by eyooo-xx by a spelling error, now its a nickname XD
Ria - A new nickname given to me by Kitsanil cause now RiRi is popular too xD
Rika - I think you all know why XD
Snow or SnowAngel - For people who are formal around me, they call me Snow or SnowAngel thinking that they have to be formal, but generally either they change to calling me Rika after they got to know me, or I just ask them to call me Rika.

Name: Rika
Gender: Female
Birth Date: March 29
Fav Animal: Wolf
Fav Singer: Kagamine Len
Fav Manga: Tsubasa Chronicles
Fav Book: No small thing/ Warriors: Crookedstar's Promise

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DeviantART Family

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:iconsnowshka: My Vocaloid fantard xD

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:iconssjryuminoru: Super Awesome Brownie Making Demon Toaster of Good Fortune!

Current Residence: In the roleplaying world
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Country, Old Rock
Favourite style of art: Anime, Manga
Operating System: PC
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Nano
Wallpaper of choice: VOCALOID, KH, TRC, FMA, HTTYD, whatever XD
Favourite cartoon character:Kagamine Len, Fai D. Flowright, Jack Frost, Hiccup, and a lot others xD
Personal Quote: "You're not allowed"

To do List

Art Trades

- Cobu's (Gabe)
- ZanZan's (Renee/Alice)
- Gravy's (Rin)
- Furret (Oakley)

Journal Dolls 8D

EndlessShadow Journal Doll by Icepath39


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