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Journal Entry: Sat Oct 11, 2014, 7:23 AM
Hey guys! I'll try and make this fast because I know my past updated journals always seem to get really long xD
Then again, I'm not posting journals as often nor really pointless ones. God I feel so bad for doing that in the past D;; Anyway~!


So to update from my last big journal. I successfully finished my portfolio on time and handed it in and did the drawing test. Even though I spent the 'drawing' class entire first semester on drawing perspective I didn't understand it at all and that showed when I went into semester two. Well, this portfolio needed a room drawn in two point perspective and I was just "oh shit I still haven't figured it out!" so I went onto google to figure it out in the morning.
In ONE drawing I figured it out instantly.
Why couldn't my teacher have taught that way? I would've understood it better and done a lot better then I did. Then again this teacher was all "if you can't figure it out my way, I'm not helping you" not trying to teach in another way *rolls eyes*
Always hated that teacher
So! I still don't know if I've been accepted yet but I have yet to be rejected so wish me luck :heart:
I can range from knowing when from today, to literally the day before the semester starts which is deathly annoying xD

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd
On November 18th Hatsune Miku is getting her second english released game for North America! Hatsune Miku-01 (Good Luck) by Jerikuto
Of course I like pre-ordered this game in June after E3 xD ahaha
But I'm just REALLY EXCITED. If you have me on skype or on facebook you will know that I think this is the best game of the series to date and there are so many reasons.
Mostly the songs, every single song they put on this game, whether its a come back or new is AMAZING. In past games there was always one or two [sometimes more in the older ones] that I did not like and I wish they replaced.
And the ones they've brought back whether as DLC or not and changed for Chance Time, or even just changed the background is amazing like omfg :heart: :love:
Animation has gotten better, outfits have gotten better, they're less afraid to make elaborate outfits, or outfits with long trails [such as KAITO V3's coat, or Len's 'White Edge'] because they've animated that instead of phasing through they kick up the outfit and I'm just
"THANK YOU SEGA" since before it all used to phase through <3 there is so much less of that!
I could rant forever but no one wants to read that xD lol
So, Ive decided starting on October 18th which is a week today. Every day I am going to submit a sketch [or full out drawing, depends on the day] regarding the game. Kind of like what people did for Pokemon X/Y and I'm not surprised are doing for ORAS too. I haven't decided if I'll put it on dA and Tumblr, or Tumblr only since I'm not sure if people here will care. But! I'll decide when the time comes.


What do you mean Halloween isn't the entire month?
When Halloween rolls around it seems I am getting extremely busy xD Meaning I'll be appearing a lot less!
I have on the 24th, Anime North holds their annual 'Anime North Halloween Dance'. Then the day right after my friend is holding a halloween party with tea to warm ourselves up xD Costuming is not mandatory but hell-o~!? It's me. Course I'll be going in costume xD

Then there is actually Halloween on the 31st which I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing yet, I might go with my cousin and brother to this really rich area and run through haunted houses because why not? xD Or! I might go to my old high school and just look at the houses because I'm too old for candy now QAQ. We don't get kids anymore in my area except for a few, so I'll be the one getting the door since I'll be the only one in costume. The rest of the family has given up.
As who? Not sure! Probably Senbonzakura Kagamine Len since it also doubles as an old fashioned Japanese outfit.

THEN on November First out in a old train park is a cosplay picnic, probably the final one of the year. There will be tea to keep warm and a scavenger hunt to do out in the leaves. I think it'll be a lot of fun. I'll probably go as Jack Frost for that since it'll be cold xD

Free!/VOCALOID Crossover

Ever since I started Free! Eternal Summer I wanted to do a fanfic where it crosses over with VOCALOID and I have a full out plot for it too. Well, unfortunately [sadly] QAQ
Free! Has finished. So, now I think is the perfect time to write it. It'll overlap the time of Free! Eternal Summer. I'll probably, maybe, put the cover art per chapter here since I'd like to make them full blown but the actual fanfiction will probably go on if I can still remember my password  xD If not, then I'll stuff it into for any of those curious to read probably not. But hey! This is for my enjoyment anyway :heart:

Welp! That's finally it, I think, aha xD
Also! Small list of what to expect in the future: Secret Birthday Present for my friend, the Project Diva sketches, A more personal art piece and group art

~Rika! Hatsune Miku-02 (Winks) by Jerikuto

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js: Ryan Fox by SnowAngelRika
js: Ryan Fox

For :iconjirachistation:
I'm sorry, I was gonna join a different smaller sector but I just was too set on this model idea D;;

Name: Ryan Fox

Age: Twenty-One

Gender: Female

Pokemon: Liepard


Fury Swipe – Using her already long nails, they harden and she slashes at the enemy anywhere from two to five times.

Shadow Claw – Darkness envelopes one of her hands, enlarging the side of it and slashing down at the enemy

Ability: Limber – This ability heals Ryan from any paralysis she might get attacked with

Job: Model


:bulletpurple: Water. Since she’s a cat she absolutely hates water and doesn’t like to take showers, however, she will to keep up her hygiene.

:bulletpurple: Trying new things. Ryan is a very routine type of girl. She eats similar foods and wears similar style of clothing, she’s not very willing to try something new and break out of her routine mindset.

:bulletpurple: Technology. Due to her long claws she tends to ruin very high tech things and therefore she’ll stay away from it. Due to this, you’ll rarely see her in sector 1.


:bulletpurple: Socializing. Due to her job, she knows a lot of different photographers which has given her the confidence to go out and talk to people since who knows? She might gain something out of it.

:bulletpurple: Decisive. When given a decision or options, she won’t take forever to decide, having to make quick decisions when modeling.

:bulletpurple: Posing. She knows how to move her body to get what she wants ;D


    Ryan is the middle child of three. After the first born was a girl, her parents really hoped for a male and were very set on the name they had picked out. However, when Ryan was born a girl, they were a little disappointed and decided to still give her the name they were set on naming their little boy. After Ryan, the Fox family got their wish and the final child was a boy.

    It’s not to say that Ryan’s parents didn’t appreciate her or her sister, they definitely did and loved them all but it was obvious to tell they loved their younger brother just a little more. He got the larger presents during his birthday or other holidays and always went out for his birthday as a celebration. Meanwhile, Ryan and her sister got the smaller gifts and would have to practically beg to do anything special for their birthday.

    This caused Ryan to get rather close with her sister, since they both had the same feeling of neglect from their parents and as they grew up, eventually shielded their parents from them. They never told their parents anything as Ryan entered her pre-teen years. Who she was dating, what’s going on in school, how her classes were going, nothing.

    By the time Ryan turned eighteen she was going around her area on a local planet to get modeling jobs, as she had found an interest after watching much too many TV shows and friends constantly telling her “You’re pretty enough to be a model!” she decided to try it out. When Ryan was nineteen she got her first photoshoot and absolutely loved it, it was getting her attention something she never seemed to get from her parents and since she lacked so much of it growing up, after one shoot she wanted more but it was getting harder to find.

    After so many trial and errors, her sister suggested about a ship called ‘JirachiStation’ which, being somewhat new could probably sky-rocket her career. She brought up to her parents, who were shocked their child had chosen to be a model but felt slightly at fault for not keeping track of her and giving her a more ‘realistic’ job. They obliged and paid for her ticket to go.


        One of the biggest traits for Ryan is that she is an attention-seeker but it’s not completely her fault after her parents giving the spotlight to her brother, she wants to feel what it’s like. Therefore, if it seems someone is paying attention the most to her out of a crowd, she’ll attach herself to that person, hoping it can get farther. Ryan is a very social able girl, finding that meeting anyone can lead to something, whether that is a romance, friendship or work opportunity however since she’s so social it can be taken off as being flirty even if she doesn’t mean it.

    Much like cats, Ryan loves being pet, scratched or cuddled up against and wants that more than anything. When she sees a chance to get that she’ll act upon it, not really thinking if that might make the person uncomfortable or mad, it’s what she wants.

Ryan is an overly curious person, to the point where it could get her in trouble but when something is bothering her, she must know the answer or it can haunt her for days.

    On top of this all, like models are expected to, Ryan has a high self-esteem and is confident in her body and appearance, she’s not afraid to show off by revealing clothing however tries not to do it in vain [though sometimes it may seem like it]. She enjoys trying to boost other people’s self-esteem even if she must lie a bit.

Additional Information:

:bulletpurple: After work she has a tendency to put her hair up into a ponytail since she gets hot under the lights.

Enjoy~! Art/Ryan (c) Me


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art

Other nicknames:
Riri - A nickname given to me by Kitsanil for some odd reason, now a lot of people use it, but only if they're friends that I have on Skype ;D
Riks - A nickname given to me by eyooo-xx by a spelling error, now its a nickname XD
Ria - A new nickname given to me by Kitsanil cause now RiRi is popular too xD
Rika - I think you all know why XD
Snow or SnowAngel - For people who are formal around me, they call me Snow or SnowAngel thinking that they have to be formal, but generally either they change to calling me Rika after they got to know me, or I just ask them to call me Rika.

Name: Rika
Gender: Female
Birth Date: March 29
Fav Animal: Wolf
Fav Singer: Kagamine Len
Fav Manga: Tsubasa Chronicles
Fav Book: No small thing/ Warriors: Crookedstar's Promise

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Current Residence: In the roleplaying world
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Country, Old Rock
Favourite style of art: Anime, Manga
Operating System: PC
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Nano
Wallpaper of choice: VOCALOID, KH, TRC, FMA, HTTYD, whatever XD
Favourite cartoon character:Kagamine Len, Fai D. Flowright, Jack Frost, Hiccup, and a lot others xD
Personal Quote: "You're not allowed"


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Haha! See I barely ever read journals (only if the caption that shows in my inbox is interesting enough) So I always reply to messages first o u o
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